Data recovery

Only Chronodisk can recover your data in 2hrs


Your data recovery in 4 steps:


1. Take precautions
to avoid making the problem worse

Never expose the inside of a hard drive to open air! Never use data recovery software if the hard drive is showing errors, signs of fatigue (abnormally slow) SMART or is making abnormal sounds. If you don't follow these precautions, you risk to destroying your data.


2. Identify the symptoms
of the hard drive

In order to make the right choice regarding your data recovery, you must be able to identify what type of failure you are dealing with (logical, electronic or mechanical). With all those informations, you will save time and avoid any bad surprises. Plus, it will maximise our chances of success.


3. How much will it cost
to recover all my data?

Our prices for data recovery services depend on the complexity of the problem and not on the amount of the data you wish to recover. If your data is work related, for a slightly higher cost, your data will be recovered faster. This option is available on your hdd sending form.


4. Why use a cleanroom
before recovering the data?

Our data recovery lab is the only one in Quebec to be ISO 3 and ISO 5 certified. Other cleanrooms only have ISO 5 class 100 certification. If mechanical parts need to be replaced inside your hard drive, the cleanroom is a necessary step.


La Presse: Montreal data recovery company Chronodisk data Recovery on TF1 news channel Data recovery report by 01net inside data recovery clean room by l'Ordinateur Individuel, the computer magazine for experts France info: news report on Chronodisk data recovery

Chronodisk Data recovery inc. is the only specialist unanimously recommended by journalists from the written media, TV, radio and the internet. Watch reports made in France and Quebec to discover how your hard drive is processed in Chronodisk's labs.

Because the requirement standards established by Chronodisk have sent shockwaves through the data recovery market, many journalists are enthusing about our technological innovations in data recovery.

Recovering your data...

with a sustainable, Durable and Responsible commitment

With Chronodisk Data recovery inc, you can be assured that we use state-of-the-art equipment (worth over $700,000 across our various production sites) to recover your data, even in the most desperate of situations. All whilst respecting human values and the planet.

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Clean data
100% electric Chronobolide

The Renault Twizi is a funny little vehicle favoured by Chronodisk Data recovery inc. for whizzing about Paris. This example of eco-responsibility costing us just one euro/100 km in electricity ;-)

  • Recycle old hard drives

Recycling your old hdd
Help save other people's data!

If you have any old hard drives hanging around in your cupboard, drop them off at our office in Montreal and we'll take care of reprocessing them. A broken hard drive can still be used for spare parts to save someone else's data.

  • Stock of 25,000 hard drives, one of the most important stock in Canada to recover your data faster than any other company

25,000 donor drives
The biggest stock of hard drives

Chronodisk has accumulated an impressive stock of 25,000 hard drives that are used for electronic and mechanical components. To revive your phantom hard drive fast and long enough to extract the data.

Our strength We recover the unthinkable

With more than 11,000 hard drives saved each year and over 192,000 already satisfied clients, our 22 experts are best qualified to recover your data. Chronodisk does not employ a sales team; the people you speak to are there for technical and administrative purposes only. We think this is the best way of ensuring you impartial advice. The founder and Chairman of Chronodisk. Imre ANTAL is a former journalist and has been creator and editor-in-chief of several IT magazines since the 1990s. Within his company and among his employees, Imre has concentrated his values, passion and boundless dedication to those plagued by IT problems.


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Is it squeaking, hissing, clicking?
Hard drives and their various problems


Before finding the cost for your data recovery, you need to identify the symptoms of the hard drive (Is it recognised? Is it making any abnormal sounds? Is it spinning? Did it receive an impact?) Here are the three main types of failures and the costs for their data recovery procedures:


Hard drive symptoms:

The hard drive is still recognised by the computer and spins without making any abnormal sounds. The partition is either corrupted, inaccessible or has disappeared. Your files have been deleted or the hard drive has been formatted by mistake. The hard drive is still not recognised in the Disk Management utility (Windows, Mac ou Linux).

Tips for your data:

Sometimes, using a good data recovery software program is not enough. When you are not fully satisfied with the result, Chronodisk will succeed where you failed by finding the right software-problem-type combination. Be careful, if you have a SMART error, you must stop and disconnect the hard drive as you risk blocking it.



Hard drive symptoms:

The hard drive spins correctly may not be recognised with the correct values by the system and is making abnormal noises or even excessive vibration. The reading of the hard drive may be slowed drastically with voltage drops. Often blocked in SMART error the hard drive cannot spin at all due to a damaged printed circuit board (PCB) .

Tips for your data:

To avoid major work in the cleanroom (involving parts replacement inside the hard drive), Chronodisk will seek to circumvent the problem by slowing down the hard drive and then isolating the areas with too many faulty sectors. The operation is less expensive but might take more time.



Hard drive symptoms:

The hard drive is usually not recognised (neither by the Disk Manager nor in the computer BIOS), it spins abnormally, speeds up, stops or clicks loudly. If the hard drive is dropped whilst performing read/write functions, a worrying rubbing noise can occur as one of the symptoms. This type of failure is the most critical.

Tips for your data:

A hard drive can ONLY be opened in a cleanroom. Once they've found a perfectly compatible donated hard drive, our engineers remove the mechanical components and transplant them into your faulty drive. The Firmware often needs to be reprogrammed before finalising the data recovery.


If you feel a bit lost on how to proceed with your data recovery, watch this video report made by journalists at 01netTV. channel (in french). You can also call us at 1-855-767-3475 or 514-931-3475 for more informations regarding your free diagnosis with the cleanroom recovery and put the odds in your favour for the recovery of your valuable data.


Montreal data recovery

Chronodisk was able to recover all my photos for me, which saved my career. Wooo! Wooo ! Thank you so much Chronodisk !

Lina brows- photographer

Montreal data recovery

A big thank you to the Chronodisk team who succeeded where others had failed.
It's absolutely incredible!
Thanks so much! You saved my life.



Quebec / Montreal data recovery

In 2009 I burnt out my hard drive so I went to Chronodisk.
They recovered all my data for me and put them on a external hard drive (Samsung).
I thought I'd lost everything.

Kankaud.- infotech Corp



They put their trust in Chronodisk
These companies and organisations had all their data recovered!

Since 2005, amongst our 145,000 clients, we helped the famous TV show Unite 9, Mc Gill university, UQAM, Polytechnique, Radio Canada, Revenu Quebec, Impact soccer team, La Presse, Desjardins bank, RBC, Hydro-Quebec, Bell, IKEA and many more...

microbytes Montreal data recovery
Montreal data recovery
Montreal data recovery
microbytes data recovery at Montreal
Montreal data recovery
Montreal data recovery

Don't lose your data anymore!
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Data recovery price
How much for each failure?

The price you pay to recover your data depends on the complexity of the failure and on the capacity of your hard drive. No data no charge! If our attempts are unsuccessful, Chronodisk will only charge you the price of the spare parts used in cleanroom.

6 hours /Professionals - 48 hours /Private individuals



All your data recovered
starting at $290
  • In 6 or 24 hours

    (Emergency option offered)

  • The delivery time depends on the amount of data we have to recover and the number of partitions to treat on a given hard drive. Even a formatted drive can be recovered with 100% satisfaction provided that only a small amount of data was rewritten.



All your data recovered
starting at $590
  • In 24 or 48 heures

    (Emergency option offered)

  • The data processing time depends on the size of the hard drive, the number of damaged or non-copyable sectors and the condition of the read heads in the hard drive. Cloning the faulty hard drive is a critical step.




All your data recovered
starting at $849
  • In 3 or 7 days

    (Emergency option offered)

  • A 100% compatible donated hard drive is required for electro-mechanical components transplantation and finding it can sometimes be very hard. Cloning the hard drive and extracting the data is then much faster


Your data recovery Form

Since 2005, Chronodisk is the only data recovery expert in Canada to offer you a full free in-Lab diagnosis(elsewhere, you can be charged up to $300). Just fill out our form and send us your device or drop it off at our office. In a record time of 2-6 hours, you will receive your free quote by email (or within 24h-48h if your data is not work related).

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