General terms and conditions of sale

Chapter I : Object of the service

Chronodisk undertakes to devote all its means and know-how to the recovery of data from the medium provided by the customer. This service does not include the configuration or installation of the software in their original state, nor the restoration of the operating system or even the configuration of the messaging service or that of the databases.

Chapter II : The quote

Your free quote will be sent to you by email, within 6 hours guaranteed for companies, 24 to 48 hours not guaranteed for individuals: we will detail the nature of the failure detected, the package concerned as well as the recovery time for your data (+ the listing of files that will be restored if it is a logical or physical failure of 1st degree). The customer accepts that the disk might be opened in a clean room if necessary for the implementation of this submission.

Chapter III : Data recovery device

The recovery of your data is done on a USB key (up to 15GB of restored data), and on an external backup hard drive beyond 15 GB of data. You have the option of providing the recovery device for your data yourself. The hard disk that we provide has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Chronodisk does not cover the replacement of defective hard disks with the manufacturers, this procedure is the responsibility of the customer. The outer case is guaranteed for 1 year by Chronodisk, per hardware replacement. Your failed hard drive, as well as your data, can only be recovered at our Montreal head office (in no case from one of our approved centers or our affiliated partners).

Chapter IV : Data recovery times

Data recovery usually takes 24 to 48 hours after your acceptance of the quote for logical failures, and 5 to 14 days (depending on the severity of the failure and the rarity of the disk) for interventions in ISO 5 class clean room 100. For individuals, the lead time is brought back to a minimum of 3 days in a logic failure, 2 to 3 weeks in a clean room.

Chapter V : Confidentiality

We are committed to respecting absolute confidentiality not only of your data, but also of your identity. No commercial publication will ever mention your identity without prior authorization.

Chapter VI : Storage of the original device and spare parts

In the event of a mechanical failure, and if you did not specify that your hard drive was under warranty, by checking the box provided for this purpose on the support form, only your recovered data will be returned to you (additional spare parts used in the processing of your file remain the property of our company and will not be returned to you. The dismantling of the spare parts used in the clean room, and their reassembly in their original state, would oblige us to invoice you for an intervention cost well above the value of these parts). If you refuse our quote, you can recover your hard drive, free of charge, by going to our premises (only at 841 rue Cherrier, Montreal, H2L 1H6). Your hard drive may be returned to you upon payment of the reshipment fee for your drive (usually $30 + tax in DICOM). Whether you refuse our quote, or whether you accept it, you have 2 calendar months from the date of establishment of the quote to come and recover your hard drive or send us payment for the reshipping costs. Beyond this period, without a response from you, your hard drive will be kept for spare parts and, for confidentiality reasons, your disk platters will be irreparably destroyed. Your file will thus be definitively closed without possible appeal on your part.

Chapter VII : External hard drive items and personal effects

Please send us your "bare" hard drive, without screws or additional support, as we cannot guarantee their return to you. We do not keep the packaging, padding, or any container used to send the disc, so you cannot claim any refund. If your disk has remained in its external case or in its original laptop, we can extract it free of charge in most cases, but you should be aware that your case or your computer may be damaged by the operation, or even, in some very rare cases, destroyed. We decline all responsibility for any marks caused by such an operation. The reassembly of the disc in its original case will be charged $60 if the device is deemed too complex by our engineers. In addition, the operation of disassembling and reassembling a hard drive inside a complex device will be invoiced to you as follows: $60 disassembly (reimbursed or not invoiced if you accept our data recovery quote ) and $60 for reassembly (charged in all cases). The complexity of dismantling and reassembly will be indicated to you when you drop off the device.

Chapter VIII : Payment

At the end of the procedure for recovering your data, the invoice issued is payable in full. Any deferred payment entails the application of a monthly penalty of 2%, payable without the need for a reminder from us in accordance with the legal provisions in force. If you accept your submission, and recovery of your data ensues, you will have to pay your invoice within one month of its date of issue. Any delay in payment will give rise to the penalties applicable according to the law in force, and to collection from our specialized firm.

Chapter IX : Advance payment

If your hard drive is treated in a clean room, the amount paid as an advance payment for parts and supplies cannot be returned to you, even in the event of failure. In the event of treatment of your RAID system, the amount paid on advance payment cannot be returned to you, even in the event of failure.

Chapter X : Emergency packages

If you choose priority processing in 2, 6 or 24 hours after the reception of your quote, you will have to pay the corresponding amount even if you refuse your quote.

Chapter XI : Price list

The applicable price list depends on the nature of your data, whether it is private or professional. The discount reserved for individuals cannot be applied if the data on device is of a professional nature (invoicing, accounting, social files, etc.). If, after agreement on your part, and extractions of your data, we notice that they are of a professional nature, the discount which will have been granted to you beforehand will be removed from your invoice, without the possibility to claim the emergency deadlines reserved for businesses. The increase in your invoice for this reason cannot release you from your contractual obligations, so you will have to fulfill them. Individuals benefiting from the discount reserved for them cannot have their invoice drawn up in the name of a company, and undertake to use a private means of payment.

Chapter XII : Schedule

Chronodisk can provide you with information by telephone at the following toll-free number: 1 855 767-3475 (Canada and US). Our head office is located at 841 Cherrier street, Montreal H2L 1H6 (Quebec), it is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Chapter XIII : Quality

Data for which our engineers have not found an error during the process are deemed to have been recovered. The operation will also be considered a success if the data indicated by the customer on the support form is present on the list of recovered data.

Chapter XIV : USB flash drives

The analysis of USB flash drives most often leads to disassembly or even destruction of the device. The customer entrusts his equipment with full knowledge of the facts, and he cannot claim any reassembly or compensation.

Chapter XV : Disputes

Any dispute relating to the conclusion, execution, rescission or interpretation of the contract binding the parties will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Montreal.

Chapter XVI : Legal Notice

Chronodisk Inc. - NEQ: 1168170117 - Incorporation number with Canada: 809164-

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