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Data Recovery Experts in Montreal and in Quebec

Problems with your hard drive? Damaged or lost files? Don't panic... Chronodisk to the rescue. With over 9,000 hard drives saved each year you can trust our experts with the recovery of your data.

Feeling lost about how to get your data back? First have a look at our pressroom several video reports or press articles on Chronodisk ISO process to help you on the right road to data recovery.  Contact our expert technical assistance team by phone or by e-mail) we will provide you with in most cases an immediate and detailed evaluation about the recovery of your data, including a realistic idea of the time it will take. Your hard drive will then undergo a obligation-free diagnostic and quote/estimate examination in our laboratory.

Contrary to most other specialists in this field, this check-up is completely free of charge! For business customers, the results of this diagnostic test are guaranteed to be furnished within 2 to 6 hours. Our Data Recovery Lab is certified ISO 5, 6 and 7: your guarantee that your hard drive will be examined in a strictly controlled, contaminant-free environment.

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1819, René-Levesque Ouest, #312, Montréal (Québec) H3H 2P5, Canada


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Data recovery ,Récupération de données Astuce 29-06-2014 .Data Recovery In need of a efficient software to recover your data? If you are looking for a way to recover your data, you should not take any chances and go with a sure bet. Llike chronodisk a data recovery first choice .[…] Erreurs à ne pas commettre, La perte de données informatiques peut mettre un utilisateur dans l’embarras le plus complet. En effet, on estime que la majorité des pertes de données sont causées par l’erreur humaine, plutôt que par le disfonctionnement d’un logiciel ou d’un ordinateur. Afin de contrer les risques de perte, voire même le disfonctionnement le plus complet de votre ordinateur, voici quelques conseils pratiques vous permettant d’agir en toute tranquillité d’esprit. .[…] Visitez notre blog !Récupération de données Visitez notre Forum !Récupération de données . Voici les logiciels de récupération de données les plus populaires mais aussi les plus méconnus. Certains sont gratuits, d’autres payants : |Recuva     |  SoftPerfect   | TOKIWA  | Undelete Plus| FreeUndelete | Glary Undelete | Panda Recovery | PC INSPECTOR  |

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1819, René-Levesque Ouest, #312 Montreal, CA H3H 2P5
514-931-3475 Hours:
Monday-Friday 9am - 5:30pm